Rémy Martin 1988 Vintage Premier Cru

Rémy Martin 1988 Vintage Premier Cru, Grande Champagne Cognac, is made from the harvest of a single unique year. 1988 was a year of extreme weather conditions in Cognac resulting in an unusually small harvest.


This ensures that the opulence, the harmony and the length create the optimum aromatic intensity.


Blend: 100% Grande Champagne


Review notes:


Color: Golden amber
Fruity notes: ripe peaches and pears
Oaky notes: rich brioche-like aromas of intense vanilla
Texture: Melts in the mouth
After-taste: Exceptionally long and succulent flavor

Rémy Martin 1988 Vintage Premier Cru - Cognac Details

Quality: Vintage

Price of this cognac: €150-200

Growth Area (Cru): Grande Champagne

Grape variety: Unknown


- 700ml

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