Pinard VS Cognac

The nose is powerful and straightforward, with aromas of flowers and crushed grapes that reflect the terroir for wood. The dress has a beautiful golden yellow color. In the mouth, one discovers the mettle of this young cognac, is powerful and with good aromatic length.


Method of preparation

This Cognac is obtained by double distillation, in our still, of wine from grape Ugni Blanc. For the manufacture of our VS Cognac, this brandy is aged 3 years living exclusively in oak barrels.

Consumer advice

Drink this Cognac pure, or on ice. It is also evaluated as an aperitif with tonic or soda extended hit. It’s the Cognac we recommend for the preparation of cocktails.

Pinard VS Cognac - Cognac Details

Quality: VS

Price of this cognac: €20-30

Age: 3 years

Growth Area (Cru): Fins Bois


- 700ml

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