Pierre Ferrand Collection Privée

Collection Privée are limited edition rare Cognacs of outstanding quality. They are fully  guaranteed as to the year they were made and their origin in Grande Champagne.


Collection Privée 1914
The color is intense with glints of mahogany. The bouquet of vine flowers and “viennoiserie” also recalls the aromas of grilled bread and hot butter. Possessing an exceptionally rich bouquet, Collection Privée 1914 has an incomparable long-lasting taste. Its notes of prune and cherry preserves mix with vanilla oak. The noble “rancio” appears to
complete this truly magnificent, old Cognac. Price: $1500 for a 750ml bottle.


Collection Privée 1970
With a brilliant golden yellow color, the vanilla bouquet of Collection Privée 1970 mixes with those of honeysuckle and figs. The floral aromas of rose and vine flower are extremely elegant.


Collection Privée 1971
Its beautiful, crystal aspect has a pale yellow color. Vanilla and honey are unveiled in the nose as well as notes of muscatels. Supple and expressive, Collection Privée 1971 offers extraordinary, exotic aromas such as banana, orange and pineapple.


Collection Privée 1972
This vintage was just introduced in April 2009. Only two casks of this precious Cognac remained and in January 2009, Pierre Ferrand Cellar Masters Frederic Gilbert tapped them to fill a mere 600 bottles, one of the only cask-strength Cognacs sold in the United States. Price: $600 for a 750ml bottle.

Cellar Master Frederic Gilbert Tasting Notes on the 1972 Vintage “This year [1972] was very specific, ideal for making a Cognac that could age for decades. We had a unique combination of a very mild spring, two decisive frosts, one in May and one in September, which resulted in a very early blossoming. However, a very dry August with strong sunshine gave the grapes the acidity needed for a Cognac of long maturation. This makes our vintage 1972 a very rare Cognac. Held in our oldest humid cellars for all these years, this Cognac today has reached its peak in
maturity. It unveils aromas of candied fruits and apricots with a lush roundness and very long finish.”


Collection Privée 1973

The golden glints of Collection Privée 1973 contribute to its magnificent amber color. Its nose is rich: vanilla and oak pleasantly combine with the aromas of preserves and candied fruits. Rich and complex tasting, its roundness is characterized by woody notes and spices. Port wine and black tea are eventually revealed.

Pierre Ferrand Collection Privée - Cognac Details

Quality: Vintage

Price of this cognac: unknown

Growth Area (Cru): Grande Champagne


- 700ml

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