Pierre Ferrand 1840 Original Formula

Nowadays, we think of cognac primarily as something to sip by the fireside after a nice dinner.
Yet back in the nineteenth century, when the art of cocktail as we know it first came together, one thing the both the barkeepers who created it and their eager customers would have all agreed on was that nothing made for a better mixed drink than good cognac.
The works of masters of the art such as Jerry Thomas, who wrote the first bartender’s guide, the great technician Harry Johnson, Leo Engel, who brought American bartending to England, and the wildly-inventive William “The Only William” Schmidt abound in formulae for cognac-based Cocktails, Sours, Punches, Daisies and a dozen other ways to turn or a little of this, a little of that and a lot of ice into a few short sips of liquid delight. Even the mighty Mint Julep, a drink now made almost exclusively with bourbon whiskey, was primarily a cognac drink.


These gents were not using the oldest, rarest cognacs for their drinks. Cognac was an
everyday staple of the bar, not something reserved for special occasions. The preferred style was known as “three star,” young enough to be lively (and, of course, affordable) and yet darker and richer in flavor, and higher in proof, than the VS cognacs that represent its modern equivalent. Over the years, this style fell by the wayside along with cognac cocktails in general.


Now, with the renaissance in traditional, craft mixology, its absence is keenly felt.
Pierre Ferrand is therefore proud to present 1840 Original Formula, a revival of the classic three-star cognac. It is not the product of mere guesswork. It was developed by Alexandre Gabriel, the company’s proprietor, and Christian Guerin, its cellar-master, with a little help from the American spirits and cocktail historian David Wondrich, after extensive tasting and evaluation of surviving examples of three-star cognac going back to the early nineteenth century.

Pierre Ferrand 1840 Original Formula - Cognac Details

Quality: VS

Price of this cognac: €20-30

Growth Area (Cru): Grande Champagne

Grape variety: Various grapes


- 700ml

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