Baron Otard Fortis et Fidelis


The rarest eaux-de-vie have been carefully kept for generations to craft this exceptional blend. These eaux-de-vie from time immemorial sublimate the precious character of this cognac.


The powerful, generous attack reveals dominant plum fragrances and walnut hints. Smooth spices, in particular nutmeg, ennoble the entire composition. A sweet hint of candied orange mingles with the nobility of a robust leather scent in the finish.


Thanks to its great maturity, Fortis et Fidelis rolls out an opulent wealth of flavours. Delicate hints of prunes combine harmoniously with a subtle touch of “rancio”. A sweet crystallised fruit flavour lingers on the taste buds, while a pinch of spices caresses the palate.


Draped in its deep amber robe, Fortis et Fidelis embodies the Baron spirit. The refinement of its aromas is perceptible even in a single drop.


This extremely rare blend is to be enjoyed neat.

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