Meukow Napoleon

The unrivalled gold Panther expresses the perfect harmony of Meukow XO Cognac, fruit of the traditional art of double distillation, the long ageing process and the complex blending of delightful « Crus de Cognac ».


Tasting notes:


Appearance : Fiery and mahogany colour with perfect clarity and very attractive texture.
Head : Floral with jasmine and iris. Fruity with prune and peach.
Heart : Chocolate and vanilla flavours with tawny port and candied fruits fragrances.
Background : Nutmeg and spices. Warm cigar box.

Meukow XO - Cognac Details

Quality: XO

Price of this cognac: €80-100

Growth Area (Cru): Blend


- 700ml

- 50ml (miniature)

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