Martell Noblige

A superbly stylish cognac whose name refers to the old French saying ‘Noblesse Oblige’, encapsulating the duty of commitment incumbent on people of high rank, Martell Noblige is intended for those who prize the natural elegance of a great cognac. The bottle’s contemporary design carries strong cues of elegance and sophistication, and houses a unique cognac.

Review notes:

Abundant fruit: lemon, pear and prune.
Exotic delights: vanilla pod and caramelized grapes.
Wood character: sweet myrrh, cedar and fine-grained oak.

An elegantly structured marriage of strength and smoothness emerges.
A good length.

Martell Noblige - Cognac Details

Quality: Napoleon

Price of this cognac: €30-40

Growth Area (Cru): Blend


- 700ml

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