Martell Creation Grand Extra

The Martell Creation Grand Extra Cognac is made from a blend of Martell’s finest and oldest selection of eaux de vie from the Borderies and Grande Champage. Sophisticated and multi-layered from nose to palate and finish, this cognac brings cognac appreciation to new frontiers!


A cognac both sophisticated and straight-forward, a true reflection of asserted personality of its eaux-de-vie carefully selected in the Creation cellar, where eaux-de-vie from 1900 are preserved.


Marrying the fresh, fruity notes of eaux-de-vie from the Borderies with the nutty spicy notes of lengthily matured eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne.


Serge Mansau is widely recognised as one of the most renowned and creative bottle designers within the luxury universe. He was instrumental inspiration to Martell Creation Grand Extra. Martell’s inspired and independent spirit called for a like-minded talented designer. Considered by some as marginal, rebel or creatively bulimic, he has created some of the most innovative and beautiful shapes of perfume bottles in the past 40 years.


Review Notes:

Worth Knowing This is a blend of cognacs ranging from 50 to 100 years in age, from the oldest major Cognac producer in the world. The decanter was created by perfume bottle designer Serge Mansau to reflect the graceful lines of the Arc de Triomphe.

VISUAL: Topaz, amber

NOSE: Gingerbread and dried fruits. Freshness, with orange marmalade aromas, lemon zest and orange blossom. Starts floral, then fruity and builds to almost a hard-candy bouquet.

PALATE: Soft and silky, releasing a warm mellowness reinforcing the smoothness of the sophisticated blend. This initial mellowness is then intensified by an incredible elegance in the mouth and an explosion of flavours.

FINISH: Superb and very long finish with nice *rancio notes of walnuts, oriental spices and cedar wood, sweetness and followed by a hint of cheese at the end.

Martell Creation Grand Extra - Cognac Details

Quality: Hors d'Age

Price of this cognac: €400-800

Age: 50 - 100 years.

Growth Area (Cru): Blend

Grape variety: Various grapes


- 700ml

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