Leyrat Glory Extra

An elegant decanter from Leyrat, containing their Glory Extra Cognac. This cognac has come from a group of barrels hidden at the back of Leyrat’s “Chai Paradise” cellar. There are no records as to how long the casks had sat maturing, but it’s at least 40 years old.


Whose alcohol content has been naturally reduced by the time, showing the ideal cask strength of 45 % alc/vol.


For a Cognac which is at least 40 years old, GLORY is remarkable for its vivacity and freshness.


Tasting notes:

Color: Old gold in colour.

Nose: The nose has remarkable floral freshness with leafy undertones. This first impression yields to fine spice, notably cinnamon and pronounced aromas of stewed fruit and quince.
Taste: The palate is exceptional for its smoothness, packed with peach and apricot flavours and with a hint of resin and honey in an elegant and powerful finish


Leyrat Glory Extra - Cognac Details

Quality: Hors d'Age

Price of this cognac: unknown

Growth Area (Cru): Unknown


- 700ml

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