Kelt XO


Kelt Cognac is a newcomer established in 1987 by Olev Kelt. Familiar with the Norwegian aquavit that has its maturation at sea sailing from Norway to the Equator and then back again, he built a container that stays on a ship for 90 to 100 days, depending on the weather.

Using small barrels and only Grande Champagne grapes, the barrels are filled to 70% of capacity so there is ample room for the Cognac to wash around inside the barrel. Kelt XO, average age 28 years- $150.


Cognac : Extra Old
Growth (cru) : Grande Champagne 1er Cru
Appellation contrôlée : Grande Fine Champagne Cognac or Grande Champagne Cognac
Age count: By law the youngest cognac in the blend must be six years but the KELT X.O. is considerably older.
Award: Only X.O. ever to be awarded a Platinum Medal in the World Spirits Championship

• Dark amber, mahogany
• Delicate scents of flowers: narcissus, jasmine, honeysuckle
• Multifaceted touch of tawny port and walnut
• Subtle wood notes: vanilla oak, cedar wood, cigar box
• Candied fruits: tangerine, apricot, pear
• Velvety and sophisticated on the palate
• The model of balance between tastes and aromas
• Warm, attractive and unique
• Incredible finish, at least 20 minutes on the palate

Kelt XO - Cognac Details

Quality: XO

Price of this cognac: €100-150

Growth Area (Cru): Grande Champagne


- 700ml

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