Kelt Cognac

Medium red- amber. Delicate and restrained floral aroma and elegant flavors through the long vanilla sweet finish indicate a style that was appreciated for its mouthful and rare smoothness from start to finish rather than intensity of flavor. Classy.


Cognac :
Very Superior Old Pale
Growth (cru) :
Grande Champagne 1er Cru
Appellation contrôlée :
Grande Fine Champagne Cognac or Grande Champagne Cognac
Age count :
By law the youngest cognac in the blend must be four years but the KELT VSOP is considerably older
Highest rated VSOP in World Spirits Championships

• Dark golden yellow, amber
• Delicate vanilla oak scent, touch of port wine
• Dried rose and violet
• Fruity and jamy: apricot and fig
• Hazelnut and licorice
• Grande Champagne style, very rare
• Mellow, warm, well balanced, great structure
• Long finish – at least 10 minutes on the palate
• The rarest and oldest VSOP on the world market

Kelt VSOP - Cognac Details

Quality: VSOP

Growth Area (Cru): Grande Champagne


- 700ml

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