La Fontaine de la Pouyade

La Fontaine de la Pouyade


When Henri de Navarre visited the Charente region in 1592, he was offered, according to the oral tradition, a bottle of La Fontaine de la Pouyade by Vincent Bouyer. During the past four centuries, La Fontaine de la Pouyade was exclusively and is still today reserved for the members and privileged connaisseurs and friends. An ultimate art is transmitted from generation to generation.


Only one quality exists: the very best at the top of the niche of the great cognacs. La Fontaine de la Pouyade is coming exclusively from the heart of the limited Cognac Region: La Grande Champagne legally classified Premier Cru.


When creating every step of the process is meticulously controlled. All grapes used in the creation of La Fontaine de La Pouyade come exclusively from the chalky hills of the limited area of the Grande Champagne Premier Cru where the Folle Blanche is planted, as the two others, and where the sun rays are the most intense. The surface planted with the Folle Blanche represents today only one per cent of the entire Cognac region because it is a very capricious vine, difficult to grow. It provides a lesser yield per hectare than other commonly used varieties but it brings the finest bouquet with the longest finish after a longer ageing process.



The distillation, year after year during the winter, is performed and supervised by each descendant according to a secret ancient distillation process which will later give, when tasting this large and harmonic palette of spicy perfumes, fruits and flowers like the violet, so specific to the Grande Champagne.



Before the spring, the Cognac will start ageing, in forgetting the time and for three generations of vine-growers-cellarsmasters at least in the Limousin-Tronçais barrels, produced with the oak trees hearts which are older than one hundred and fifty years. The long history of La Fontaine de La Pouyade combined with careful development, retention and treasures of experiences, some of them dating back to the French Revolution, allows each Bouyer-Dubosquet to bring his best selection of the best cognacs in order to give birth this rare and exceptional quality having reached its peak of refinement and passion.




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