Distillerie du Peyrat XO

Blend of Petite Champagne and Fins Bois . Age 12 years old. At first in 400 liters new barrels and till bottling in old 350 liter barrels. Alternatively hot and cold aging storage.


Color: golden dark
Nose : nice aromatic intensity with characteristic fruity notes (watermelon jam,orange peal, spicy vanilla , cinnamon) with melted oak touch.
Palate : soft attack at first going to spice taste ( nutmeg ) . After note of candied plums. Final with light woody taste.


OF COURSE 100 % ORGANIC with low scale production



Drink with a dark organic chocolate

Distillerie du Peyrat XO - Cognac Details

Quality: XO

Price of this cognac: unknown

Growth Area (Cru): Blend


- 700ml

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