Delamain Très Vénérable



The most limited edition of all, Delamain’s “Family Reserve” consists of a few bottles of very old brandy whose quality and distinction have been deemed so exceptional that it can be offered intact, i.e. totally unblended : a diamond of unmatched purity, miraculously carved by nature.


At present, the Family Reserve comes from a brandy distilled after the Second World War by a master “bouilleur de cru” (grower-distiller) at his property near Saint Preuil, in the heart of the Grande Champagne.


After many years of aging in wood, the Cognac has fully developed to attain the Delamain standard of perfection, its natural strength is 43 %.

For this precious brandy, the Delamains have chosen the traditional “cognaçaise” bottle.


This exceptionally rare Cognac was until recently reserved for the guests and friends of the Delamain family.


Tasting notes:


Growth : 100% Grande Champagne.


Origin : Selection from local growers-distillers.


Totally unblended : single vineyard and single cask.


Age : The maximum length a Cognac can improve in cask.


Cask : Matured in well seasoned Limousin oak casks (350L).


Cellar : Old cellars near the river, more humid than dry.


Style : Our standard of perfection. Extraordinary delicacy in a rich flavorful Cognac.


Bouquet and savor : From a cask to another one, the Cognac is different but, to our mind, always a diamond of unmatched purity miraculously carved by nature.


Color : Each cask imparts its own color to the Cognac : no regularity but generally paler and more brilliant than most of the other top of the range Cognacs.


Natural strength : 43% vol.


Name: La Réserve de la Famille, an Exceptionally rare Cognac, the kind of Cognac we reserve for our guests and friends.

Delamain Réserve de la Famille - Cognac Details

Quality: Hors d'Age

Price of this cognac: €200-250

Growth Area (Cru): Grande Champagne

Grape variety: Various grapes


- 700ml

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