De Luze Alfred

DE LUZE ALFRED Fine Champagne Cognac is THE Cognac which can be enjoyed on ice. Thanks to De Luze’s unique Cognac philosophy handed down through generations of Boinaud savoir-faire and expertise, DE LUZE ALFRED is versatile, generous and unique.


With a pleasant, thick silky-duvet texture, total absence of caramel in the blend and a strenght of 43% (alc. Vol.), it keeps all of its Cognac characteristics on ice without diluting them and without developing any unpleasant burning notes.


Tasting Notes


Visual : Polished yellow-amber gold


Texture : Silky duvet


Fruity Notes : Cooked prunes, candied apricots


Floral Notes: Wild carnations


Spicy Notes: Vanilla, walnut, leather, peppery

Time on palate : 20 minutes
Tasting age 13-15 years

De Luze Alfred - Cognac Details

Quality: Napoleon

Price of this cognac: €30-40

Growth Area (Cru): Fine Champagne

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