Davidoff XO


Davidoff XO is a high-end cognac – made by experts in their craft using the finest old spirits of the Cognac region. The result is a modern, elegant cognac, characterised by hints of plum and honey, in a surprisingly bold and contemporary packaging.


Davidoff XO is presented in a very audacious and contemporary packaging.

The Davidoff Cognac XO is a creation of exquisite fires that have long matured in fine oak barrels were allowed. It matured some of the fires up to 20 years before they were united.

This Cognac combines a flavor composition, the sounds and tones are in harmony and is characterized by a perfect balance. The long and persistent finish is indicative of the Davidoff Cognac XO. When finishing move, the sounds and tones of the flavor symphony repeatedly over the palate, before they retire gracefully. It is an excellent cognac, full of elegance and taste.
Tasting notes:

Great complexity on the nose. Floral undertones followed by smooth fruitiness and rich honey aromas. These are followed by hints of spices in particular of cloves and liquorice.

Powerful yet smooth and silky on the palate with a delicate blend of fruit (peaches and nectarines), elegant spices (cloves followed by walnut) and wood aromas such as pear tree and red cedar.

Volume, body and a great long lasting aromatic richness.

Origin of the Davidoff Cognac XO: France



Davidoff XO - Cognac Details

Quality: XO

Price of this cognac: €100-150

Growth Area (Cru): Blend


- 700ml

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