Courvoisier Initiale Extra

Courvoisier Initiale Extra is a rare blend of extremely old cognacs from the Grande Champagne and Borderies crus, that have been aged to perfection over many decades and meticulously blended by our Master Blender and his team to achieve its final, epic aroma experience. This sublime cognac is the embodiment of understated perfection, and has been internationally recognised as being richer, smoother and more mature than its contemporaries.ogramme highlights three signature aromas for each of our cognacs and
traces them back to specific moments in the process.

Old port wine

This aroma is created from the sheer concentration of rich flavours created over such a long ageing process. During this time, which can be decades, much of the eaux-de-vie evaporates – so much so that it takes about three bottles of eaux-de-vie to create one bottle of Courvoisier Initiale Extra.



The uniquely humid conditions in our warehouses where we age Courvoisier Initiale Extra, which have had the same earth floors for centuries, allow an exquisite mushroomy truffle aroma to develop very slowly over time. We take particular care in creating and maintaining the precise humidity necessary to nurture this delicate aroma.

fruit cakes

Hot fruitcakes

Deliciously evocative, this aroma comes from the maturation of very old Borderies grapes at their absolute peak. Through careful maturation over many decades, our expert Master Blender nurtures the dried fruit aromas to evolve into notes of spicy hot fruitcakes.

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