Cognac Terms To Help You Understand The Cognac Language


Angel’s Share : Around four percent of the volume of cognac in storage per year evaporates through the pores of oak barrels. This is known as Angel’s Share.
BNIC : Abbreviation for Bureau National Interprofessional du Cognac. This is a professional association that makes sure that the cognac production follows the laws that have been set forward.
Assemblage : Assemblage is the term given for the blending of cognac from different origins and ages.
-Cognac : Cognac is actually the name of the town from where this famous brandy comes from. Cognac (drink) got its name from the town of Cognac in France.
-Brouillis : Cognac is distilled twice. The result of first distillation is known as Brouillis which is approximately 27 to 30 percent alcohol.
-Crus : Cognac can be only produced in certain regions by law. These growing regions are known as Crus.
-Eau-de-Vie : It is the distillate that is placed in oak barrels to age cognac after the second distillation.
-Grande Champagne : The best cognac comes from this region.
-Petite Champagne : This the second highest rated cognac region after the Grande Champagne.
-Borderies : This is the smalles growing region.
-Fins Bois : This is the fourth best growing region for the production of cognac.
-Bon Bois : The fifth best growing region. The cognac produced here are spicier as compared to cognacs produced from other regions.
-VS : Stands for Very Special. VS cognac is stored for at least two years
-VSOP : Stands for Very Special Old Pale. VSOP cognacs are stored for at least four years.
-XO : Stands for Extra Old. The cognac in this category is stored for at least six years but usually the average is around twenty years.
-Napoleon : BNIC states that this is equal to the XO quality, meaning it is aged for at least six years.
-Tannin : The tanning acid which helps cognac get its color and structure during the aging process.
-Ugni Blanc : Also known as trebbiano in Europe, Ugni Blanc is a grape variety from which approximately ninety percent of cognac is made.
-Chais : The storerooms where the cognacs are left to age and mature is known as Chais.

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