Cognac Park Borderies

This special blend hails exclusively from the idyllic Borderiesgrowing area of the Cognac region and has been carefully assembled to highlight the delightful characteristics typical of only the best Borderies cognacs, as seen through its rich and bright apricot color.


Exem plifying the particular characteristics typical of the Borderies growing area such as delicate floral aromas and a light palate, this cognac is a smooth transition from a VSOP cognac to an XO and has the combined aromas reminiscent of apricots and vanilla with subtle notes of violets.


It finished by leaving a smooth, supple, long, and memorable taste.

Cognac Park Borderies - Cognac Details

Quality: XO

Price of this cognac: €40-60

Growth Area (Cru): Borderies


- 700ml

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