Chateau de Beaulon XO Vintage 1975

Beautiful vintage 1975 Cognac by Chateau de Beaulon.


Review notes:

Color : Beautiful amber robe, copper tones.

Nose : Floral, followed immediately by a full wealth of aromas, rich aromas of : walnut, caramel, white peach, port and subtle rancio seconded by mild spices (cinnamon), the impression on the nose is soft and powdery.After twenty minutes very elegant woody notes develop (cedar), leather (suede), then heavier notes : wax, butter, amber and candied orange.

Palate : Lively, supple attack then :return of flowers, notes which are very present in the mouth. Initial notes light and agreeable, woody, woodland flowers. A very light acidity gives it vivacity.Finale spicy, woody, dried apricots.

Price : €250,-

Rating : 94/100 Guide des Vins 2010 Gilbert & Gaillard. .

Chateau de Beaulon XO Vintage 1975 - Cognac Details

Quality: Vintage

Price of this cognac: €200-250

Growth Area (Cru): Fins Bois

Grape variety: Various grapes


- 700ml

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