VSOP Very Special Old Pale, where the youngest brandy is stored at least four years in a cask, but the average wood age is much older.

A. de Fussigny Selection

Fussigny Selection

A. de Fussigny Selection This is a brandy made ​​from various eaux de vie: the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois. Unlike a “classic” VSOP, which four years aged in wood, A. The Fussigny’s Selection is eight years …

A.de Fussigny Petite Champagne

A.de Fussigny Petite Champagne small

A.de Fussigny Petite Champagne CRUS : Exclusively from the second best growth areas of cognac, the Petite Champagne   TASTING NOTES : Full bodied and rich character. Notes of chocolate, candied pear, dried fig, gingerbread and dates

A.de Fussigny Pure Organic

A.de Fussigny Pure Organic small

A.de Fussigny Pure Organic PRODUCTION : No chemical products or fertilisers VINIFICATION : The wine is left untreated (no added sulphur or yeast)‏ DISTILLATION : Distilled from organically grown grapes. Traditional distillation method allows the cognac to develop richer aromatic …

ABK6 VSOP Grand Cru

ABK6 VSOP Grand Cru small

ABK6 VSOP Grand Cru The ABK6 VSOP Grand Cru is Abecassis 2nd youngest quality and is just like the others made on their estate, therefore is is named a Single Estate Cognac. Tasting notes: Color: Old gold in colour Nose: …

Alizé VSOP

Alize VSOP Cognac small

Alizé VSOP Alize VSOP Cognac is a great blend made from five growing areas: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois and Bons Bois. It is then aged to peak maturity in traditional oak barrels. Just like the Alizé VS …

André Petit VSOP

Andre Petit Cognac small

André Petit VSOP Cognac VSOP (8 – 10 years old) Mellower Cognac with the dominant vanilla perfume. We offer you a Cognac of great delicacy.

Bache Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic Petite Champagne Barret

Bache Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic Petite Champagne Barret small

Bache Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic Petite Champagne Barret This cognac has been made in collaboration with the Montaud family, a 5th generation “Bouilleur de Cru”, in the village of Barret. Pure & Rustic Barret is all of 10 years old and …

Bache Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic VSOP

Bache Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic VSOP small

Bache Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic VSOP This Pure & Rustic VSOP is a blend of 75% Fins Bois and 25% Borderies cognac. Matured in oak casks for around 8 years.  It is pale gold in colour.  Fresh with a rich …

Bache Gabrielsen VSOP

Bache-Gabrielsen VSOP small

Bache Gabrielsen VSOP The Bache-Gabrielsen VSOP is a blend made of 80% Fins Bois and 20% Petite Champagne cognac. This Cognac is matured for around 7 years.  Result: a beautiful, pale brown color.   A well-balanced bouquet with fruit and …

Bisquit Prestige

Bisquit Prestige small

Bisquit Prestige Bisquit Prestige is the 21st century expression of Bisquit French luxurious origin. It is the perfect balance between tradition & modernity, smoothness & character.   With its stunning balance of flavors, Prestige expresses itself around a core of …

Bisquit VSOP


Bisquit VSOP Produced at the Domaine de Ligneres, located in the very heart of the “Fins Bois” region near Rouillac, Bisquit cognacs are double-distilled and aged in oak casks, in keeping with the long-standing tradition of the Charente region, adopted …

Bowen VSOP

Bowen VSOP small

Bowen VSOP Bowen VSOP Cognac with 700 ml. and 40 % Vol. 4-5 years old Cognac with the taste from fruits and flowers. Bowen Cognac come from the family Chabasse from the city Saint Jean d Angely.   A harmonious …

Camus Elegance VSOP

Camus Elegance VSOP small

Camus Elegance VSOP CAMUS VSOP ELEGANCE is a distinctively aromatic cognac blended from the finest growing areas, including generous amounts of the floral Borderies. In both blend and packaging it is a clearly superior product at a regular VSOP price. …

Camus Ile de Ré – Double Matured

Camus Ile de Ré Double Matured small

Camus Ile de Ré – Double Matured This cognac owes its character to a unique ageing technique unknown in the Cognac region. After several years of ageing in cellars on the island, it undergoes a second maturation in old “red” …

Chabasse VSOP


Chabasse VSOP Balanced connection between the Limousin wood of the barrels and matured cognac. Fruity aromas of grapes “Fins Bois” is underlined by the intensity of the dominant floral Champagne. Elegant, harmonious, soft and balanced is this elegant cognac in …

Chateau de Beaulon VSOP Folle Blanche

Chateau Beaulon – 7 ans Folle Blanche small

Chateau de Beaulon VSOP / 7 ans A 7 year old Cognac made from Folle Blanche Grapes. One of Cognac Fans most desired Cognacs! The quality used to be named 7 ans but since a year it has been named VSOP. …

Cognac Park VSOP


Cognac Park VSOP Unlike any other VSOP, the unique fusion of crisp flavors makes this cognac easy to drink and delectable.   Crafted from select eaux-de-vie intended to guarantee a distinguished final product, this cognac would suit the desire for …

Comandon VSOP


Comandon VSOP This cognac is 10 years old, that is older than the legal XO (6.5 YO). It offers fruity and mature apricot flavours as well as rare lingering characteristics for a VSOP. Altogether it is made of an assemblage …



Comte F. de ROFFIGNAC VSOP A blend of cognacs with an average age of 8 years. Typical for this cognac is its scent of cinnamon and strong herbs associated with roasted coffee. Its taste lasts long in the mouth and …

Comte Joseph VSOP

Comte Joseph VSOP small

Comte Joseph VSOP Marked Comte Joseph comes from the company Les Grands Chais de France, located in Peter Bach in Alsace. The firm has received special permission to tap outside the Cognac region. The company has no land and therefore …

Courvoisier VSOP

Courvoisier VSOP small

Courvoisier VSOP Courvoisier VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) is an elegant and sensual blend of cognacs up to 10 years old from two of the finest crus in the Cognac region. It’s been expertly crafted using a minimum of 50% …

Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif


Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif Complex, deep and extremely versatile, Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif is considered one of the finest cognacs in the world. Combining spirits from the four best crus in the Cognac region, including a 12 year old from the smallest, …

D’ussé VSOP

D'Usse Cognac VSOP small

D’ussé VSOP Bacardi unveiled its latest addition to the brand – a new ultra premium Cognac brand christened D’ussé, pronounced as ‘dew-say’. The Cognac was witnessed for the first time at the private tasting for a few journalists at New …

Davidoff VSOP

Davidoff Classic VSOP small

Davidoff VSOP The Davidoff VSOP is made by Hine for the famous Davidoff Company.   Review notes: Davidoff VSOP is a powerful and balanced cognac of the very best provenance. It owes its distinctive character to selected eaux de vie …

De Luze VSOP

De Luze VSOP small

De Luze VSOP   DE LUZE V.S.O.P Fine Champagne Cognac is a unique blend of eaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne, the two most prestigious growth areas of the Cognac region. The vineyard of the Domaine Boinaud supplies all of …


Deau VSOP Cognac small

Deau VSOP DEAU VSOP Review notes: Color: Deep amber copper color Nose: Dense aromas of raisin compote, malted chocolate, and delicate baking spices Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Fig, Pepper, Raisin, Spicy Finish. After-taste: Finishes with a fig paste, anise, and peppery …

Distillerie du Peyrat VSOP

Distillerie du Peyrat VSOP Organic Cognac small

Distillerie du Peyrat VSOP Organic Cognac from Ugni Blanc and Folle blanche grapes. Blend of cru petite champagne , Fins Bois  and Bon Bois . Matured in french oak limousin 400 l barrels in humid cellars. Just like the VS …

Domaine de Birius VSOP

Domaine de Birius VSOP

Domaine de Birius VSOP Age: 12 years old Aged in oak barrels from the Limousin region Elaborated and bottled at the Domaine Arômes : Lilac flower, wine peaches, dried apricots, Viennese pastry with spices Description : Fruity, balanced, pleasant to …

Dudognon Reserve

Dudognon Reserve small

Dudognon Reserve The Dudognon family produces cognac in the small town of Lignieres-Sonneville since 1776.   This region is the heart of the famed Grande Champagne of Cognac. Spirits from this premier cru are especially renowned for their tremendous length. …

Frapin VSOP

Frapin VSOP small

Frapin VSOP Exclusively from the wine-making estate at the heart of Cognac’s Premier Cru. Very Superior Old Pale quality.   Colour: Golden amber. Bouquet: Complex, fruity and floral, with discreet notes of vanilla. Palate: Harmonious with persistent flavours.   Golden amber …

Gautier VSOP

Gautier VSOP small

Gautier VSOP The Gautier VSOP, crafted by the Cellar Master from the four leading «growths» of the Cognac region, is a blend with particularly delicate aromas in a perfect marriage of generous, full-bodied Cognacs. Tasting notes: An amber colour, a …

Godet – Gastronome VSOP

Godet Gastronome 21st Century small

Godet – Gastronome (21st Century) The composition of cognac gastronome is based on ancient recipes of Godet. It is dry, with clear bright spark and aroma of violets and iris. Alcohol content is 40%.   Blend of Grande and Petite …

Godet – Sélection Spéciale

Godet - Sélection Spéciale small

Godet – Sélection Spéciale Sélection Spéciale is A Blend of ten-year-old Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois eaux-de-vie. This 10yo Cognac is described as mellow and slightly woody with a touch of hazelnut, stewed peaches and red fruits. It has …

H by Hine

H by hine small

H by Hine H by Hine is the first quality (VSOP) of Hine, it offers great Fine Champagne quality for an affordable price! This VSOP Cognac is a harmonious blend of 20 cognacs aged for a minimum of 4 years, …


Hardy VSOP small

Hardy VSOP Fine Champagne   The colour varies from bright vermillion to dark amber, with a smooth constituency. The texture is mellow. Hardy VSOP Fine Champagne is both generous and elegant. Its aromas remind you walnuts and ripe pears. It …

Hennessy VSOP

Hennessy VSOP small

Hennessy VSOP In 1817, the future King George IV of England asked Hennessy to supply him with a Very Superior, Old and Pale cognac. By the end of the 19th century, VSOP, as it had become known, had firmly established …

Hine Rare VSOP


Hine Rare VSOP Described by Hine as their “classic”, Rare is a Fine Champagne cognac, meaning that is a blend of more than 25 Grand and Petite Champagne cognacs. It’s the most delicate of their cognacs, with fruity citrussy aromas …

Jean Fillioux – Coq

Jean Fillioux Coq small

Jean Fillioux – Coq A Grande Champagne Cognac, produced on the Fillioux family’s 54 acre vineyards.   The nose is rich with fruits. Plenty of prunes and cooked fruit, spice and honey. The palate is full and balanced with notes …

Jean Fillioux – La Pouyade

Jean Fillioux - La Pouyade small

Jean Fillioux – La Pouyade Eau-de-Vie with an amber colour and fruity savours, greengage, apricot, with a hint of almond and fine vanilla imparted by the Limousin wood. 42% in alcohol content, this Cognac has a distinct and powerful bouquet …

Joseph Guy VSOP

Joseph Guy VSOP small

Joseph Guy VSOP Joseph Guy V.S.O.P. is aged for a minimum of four years, resulting in a perfectly finished flavour. Longer maturation in the casks creates a more rounded flavour due to the action of oxygen, while making it more …


Kelt VSOP small

Kelt Cognac Medium red- amber. Delicate and restrained floral aroma and elegant flavors through the long vanilla sweet finish indicate a style that was appreciated for its mouthful and rare smoothness from start to finish rather than intensity of flavor. …

Landy VSOP


Landy VSOP Fiery amber color. A mellow cognac, long and pleasantly lingering on the palate. Smooth vanilla and ripe fruit flavors rounded by oakier notes. Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2009)

Larsen VSOP

Larsen VSOP small

Larsen VSOP A blend of well matured old cognacs coming from the Fins Bois and Grande Champagne vineyards. It has the same pleasant characteristics as the V.S.V.C. with more maturity and tannin having stayed longer in Limousin oak barrels.

Le Reviseur VSOP

Le Reviseur VSOP small

Le Reviseur VSOP Le Réviseurs second quality, but fully made of Petite Champagne Grapes. It is bottled in the characteristic Cognaçaise bottle at 40° alcohol.   Tasting notes: Colour: Old gold in colour with amber tints. Nose: The fruity and …

Léopold Raffin – VSOP

Léopold Raffin - VSOP small

Léopold Raffin – VSOP The perfect blend of fruity Fins Bois with Grande Chamapagne and Petite Champagne. A decade of ageing in French oak barrels endows this Cognac with the indubitable finesse of vanilla and heady scents of summer flowers.

Leyrat 6 years aged

Leyrat 6 years small

Leyrat 6 years aged Pale gold in colour. The first nose is characterised by aromas of plums and pears with a trace of fresh grapes. The nose evolves to distinct traces of oak with floral undertones and hints of citrus …

Leyrat 8 years aged

Leyrat 8 years small

Leyrat 8 years aged Old gold in colour. A dense initial nose displays dried hay and a touch of spice. It develops to more pronounced oak with traces of pears and pepper, and wood drive resin aromas with a touch …

Leyrat VSOP Premium

Leyrat VSOP Premium small

Leyrat V.S.O.P. Premium Very Special Old Pale from Leyrat who have a famous vineyard situated on the top of chalky hillsides which produces these special cognacs. This is more light gold in colour with a more dense nose displaying dried …

Lheraud VSOP


Lheraud VSOP Produced 100% from Ugni Blanc grapes in the Petit Champagne region and aged for five years in Limousin oak wood barrels, it delights with a strong bouquet with citrus and vanilla notes, achieving a harmonious balance between its …

Lucien Foucauld VSOP

Lucien Foucauld VSOP

Lucien Foucauld VSOP The passion of Lucien Foucauld for cognac led him to create one of the most famous cognacs.   Degustation • Appearance : Beautiful amber color with pink-colour tints. • Head : Fruity with vanilla. • Heart : …

Martell VSOP

Martell VSOP small

Martell VSOP Martell VSOP Médaillon (‘Very Superior Old Pale’) bears a gold medallion engraved with the portrait of Louis XIV and commemorates the year 1715, which saw the end of the Sun King’s reign and the birth of the House …

Maxime Trijol VSOP – Grande Classic

Maxime Trijol VSOP - Grande Classic small

Maxime Trijol VSOP – Grande Classic This cognac has all the sustained cheerfulness of an adolescent. The tannin from the oak has already taken the eau-de-vie into the beginnings of maturity. To the nose, and then on the palate, it …

Maxime Trijol VSOP Supérieur – Grande Classic

Maxime Trijol VSOP Superieur - Grande Classic small

Maxime Trijol VSOP Supérieur – Grande Classic Here you have an adult Cognac. Amber with flashes of gold. A complex, mellow nose, a velvety balance on the palate with hints of dried fruit and hazelnut, backed by a rich, harmonious …

Merlet Brothers Blend Cognac

Merlet Brothers Blend small

Merlet Brothers Blend Cognac   A cognac from liqueur experts Merlet, distillers since 1850. This has been created to express the characters of Gilles Merlet’s sons Pierre and Luc – enthusiastic and determined. It’s a blend of eaux-de-vie aged between …

Meukow VSOP Superior

Meukow VSOP small

Meukow VSOP Superior The incredible smoothness of Meukow VSOP Superior is the fruit of the very careful selection of the different eaux-de-vie entering in the blend and the longer minimum ageing requirement, unlike regular VSOP, imposed in our own rules. …

Moyet Cognac de Petite Champagne

Moyet Cognac de Petite Champagne

Moyet Cognac de Petite Champagne Petitie Champaigne is the second cru of Cognac. Its pure and round smell presents notes of vanilla, light wood, caramel, heath. The taste is round, pleasing, with a note of fruit. This still young eau-de-vie …

Otard VSOP

Baron Otard VSOP small

Baron Otard VSOP This elegant cognac comes with full-bodied flavour, great finesse and a good finish. The nose is rich in floral notes, backed by touches of linden tree leaves, pear, tobacco and a hint of vanilla. On the palate, …

Pierre Ferrand Réserve

Pierre Ferrand Réserve Small

Pierre Ferrand Réserve Pierre Ferrand Réserve offers a deeper (then the Pierre Ferrand Ambre), brilliant, golden yellow color with a lovely vanilla bouquet. It possesses overtones of dried roses and apricot jam and has hints of walnuts, cinnamon, and licorice. …

Prunier VSOP

Prunier VSOP small

Prunier VSOP Superior ageing has created a classic, full flavoured VSOP Cognac. There is good integration of the wood, spirit and fruit and a fresh, vibrant mouthfeel with a complex aftertaste.

Prunier VSOP Grande Champagne

Prunier VSOP GC small

Prunier VSOP Grande Champagne This cognac, from the best ‘cru’, at this age is balanced between the grape flavours of youth and the wood of the first years of ageing. A subtle blend of wood spirit and fruit in perfect …

Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal

Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal small

Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal In 1738, King Louis XV exceptionally grants Rémy Martin a warrant to expand his vineyard. With 1738 Accord Royal, you will discover an authentic product, deeply rooted in territory and tradition. Behind its classic appearance, …

Rémy Martin Coeur de Cognac

Rémy Martin Coeur de Cognac small

Rémy Martin Coeur de Cognac Fine Champagne A stimulating, rich blend, Cœur de Cognac combines hints of ripe summer fruits and the promise of mellow incredibly rich sensations.   Its beautiful golden amber colors, complex nose and full, rich texture …

Rémy Martin VSOP – Fine Champagne


Rémy Martin VSOP – Fine Champagne Accounting for one in three bottles of VSOP consumed worldwide, Remy Martin is the benchmark for the VSOP category and is blended from spirits aged from 4 to 12 years.   Remy VSOP is …

Rémy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish

Remy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish bottle small

Rémy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish As usual with Rémy Martin, the Rémy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish will benefit of selected eaux-de-Vie, from the most coveted vineyards of the Cognac region: Grande and Petite Champagne.   Thanks to a …

Rémy Martin VSOP Premier Cru

Rémy Martin VSOP Premier Cru small

Rémy Martin VSOP Premier Cru Offering aromas of concentrated vanilla, dried apricots and intense jasmine, Rémy Martin VSOP Premier Cru is multi-layered in texture and lingers on the palate. Luminous amber in tone, this is a perfectly balanced yet intense …