Camus VINTAGE 1970 COGNAC – “The crop of century”

This year is considered as the crop of the century due to the incredibly good climatic conditions, producing just under 11 Hlpa per hectare with an average alcohol content in the wine of 9%.

The buds opened perfectly in April after a cold and rainy winter which was compensated for by a warm and dry summer.  A wet spell at the end of the summer was followed by an unexpected but perfectly timed sunny spell throughout October.

This exceptionally good combination created superb grapes of perfect ripeness which lead to distillation of outstanding cognacs, such as Camus 1970 Vintage Cognac from Grande Champagne.

Tasting Notes

Eye: Pale amber colour
Nose: Ample and generous. Very aromatic with traces of blackcurrant and limeflowers. The finish is soft with a lingering hint of humus.
Palate: Tannins in complete harmony with grape and distillation aromas. Saffron and hyacinth on the finish.

Camus VINTAGE 1970 - Cognac Details

Quality: Vintage

Price of this cognac: €250-400

Growth Area (Cru): Grande Champagne

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