The crop proved to be a very good one in both quality and quantity thanks to strong wines (average of 9°38 instead of 7°35 the former year) and very good climatic conditions.

Camus 1964 Vintage Cognac is an outstanding specially selected Petite Champagne coming from the Jurignac village (not very far from Chateauneuf) and distilled in a small 10 Hl potstill. Fruit dominancy on acidity is quite remarkable.


Tasting Notes
Eye: Light amber colour.
Nose: Fruity and spicy. Touch of fresh grapes, figs and cocoa. An exceptional bouquet of aromas (dry cellar) that particularly opens with oxygenation.
Palate: First impression is superb and smooth, then sweet spices and wooden notes nicely develop. Traces of peach, citron and guava. Delicate and silky finish typical of Petite Champagne.

Camus VINTAGE 1964 - Cognac Details

Quality: Vintage

Price of this cognac: unknown

Growth Area (Cru): Petite Champagne


- 700ml

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