Bisquit VSOP

Produced at the Domaine de Ligneres, located in the very heart of the “Fins Bois” region near Rouillac, Bisquit cognacs are double-distilled and aged in oak casks, in keeping with the long-standing tradition of the Charente region, adopted in 1819 by Alexandre Bisquit.


Bisquit’s has a complete range of cognacs renowned for their complex bouquets and their rich flavour, thanks to the matchless expertise of the Bisquit firm. Bisquit is the leading cognac in Belgium and ranks third in France.


Review notes:


Appreciated for the subtle interplay of aromas ranging from a core of ripe fruits (dry apricot, honey) and sweet spices (cinnamon, clove) underlined with floral nuances (rose), Bisquit VSOP is smooth and mellow on the palate, with an long lasting finish.


The old Bisquit VSOP was made of Fine Champagne Cognac, this new version isn’t made any longer of this high quality.

Bisquit VSOP - Cognac Details

Quality: VSOP

Price of this cognac: €30-40

Growth Area (Cru): Blend


- 700ml

- 50ml (miniature)

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