Bache Gabrielsen XO

Bache Gabrielsen XO Fine Champagne is made of a blend of selected distillates from the Grande Champagne (65%) and Petite Champagne (35%) region.

In addition it is made from 95% Ugni Blanc grapes and 5% of the unique Colombard and Folle Blanche grapes.


Color: dark golden.


Nose: elegantly complex bouquet of spices, dried fruit, flowers and a hint of citrus.


Taste: distinctive and powerful, but not heavy.  Superior concentration of flavour.


After-taste: rounded attack with a long, elegant finish and the clear stamp of more than 20 years in the cask.

Bache Gabrielsen XO - Cognac Details

Quality: XO

Price of this cognac: €60-80

Growth Area (Cru): Fine Champagne

Grape variety: Various grapes


- 700ml

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