Bache Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic VSOP

This Pure & Rustic VSOP is a blend of 75% Fins Bois and 25% Borderies cognac. Matured in oak casks for around 8 years.  It is pale gold in colour.  Fresh with a rich bouquet of ripe fruit.  Fruity, rounded flavor with a distinctive, characterful finish.  Great length.


The Pure & Rustic range differentiates with the classic range because of it’s in a modern style. This “new” rages invites you to discover a  light, fresh style with its rich fruit and associations with rustic life in Cognac.


See also: Bache Gabrielsen VSOP (classic range)

Bache Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic VSOP - Cognac Details

Quality: VSOP

Price of this cognac: €20-30

Growth Area (Cru): Blend


- 700ml

- 50ml (miniature)

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