Bache Gabrielsen 3 Kors Fine Cognac

Bache-Gabrielsen 3 Kors is Scandinavians favourite and most sold Cognac! 3 Kors is made from 25% Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne and 75% Fins Bois cognac. It is matured for around 4 years in oak casks.

Deep amber colour. Lively, youthful bouquet marked by fruit and with something of the character of young Grande Champagne. Soft, rounded attack, but a relatively light, fruity finish.

This Cognac is great to make Cognac Cocktails!

Bache Gabrielsen 3 Kors Fine Cognac - Cognac Details

Quality: VS

Price of this cognac: €10-20

Growth Area (Cru): Blend


- 700ml

- 50ml (miniature)

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