Alizé VSOP

Alize VSOP Cognac is a great blend made from five growing areas: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois and Bons Bois. It is then aged to peak maturity in traditional oak barrels. Just like the Alizé VS it is made for a notable part of Folle Blanche grapes.


This Cognac offers lovely aromas of linden and violet as well as generosity and longevity. L&L, the house that produces Alizé cognacs then ages these spirits two-and-a-half time as long as the competition (4 years). The tasting age of Alizé VSOP is ten years.

Alizé VSOP - Cognac Details

Quality: VSOP

Price of this cognac: €20-30

Growth Area (Cru): Blend

Grape variety: Various grapes


- 700ml

- 50ml (miniature)

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